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About OWN

About the Foundation

Established in 2009, Island Luck has consistently aimed to empower Bahamians through countless contributions and dedicated community initiatives. It is our main focus and goal to directly affect those with the greatest needs.

This includes outreach and effective assistance in the areas of poverty, health, education, and now business management, ownership and entrepreneurship.Through our ongoing initiatives, we aim to dramatically increase the quality of life for hundreds of Bahamians, by empowering them to take part and ownership in a growing economy.

Our newly established Foundation, Island Luck Cares (ILC), will become the primary source of our socio/economic works and the continued goals and efforts of Island Luck will transfer and be realized through the successful economic programs of ILC.

The Program

In this program, efforts will focus on business education in the areas of management, financial responsibility, and creativity for the upcoming Bahamian entrepreneur. We know that a successful program such as this one can help to ensure that individuals have the tools they need to achieve and have a continued foundation for success. In this vain, we are seeking to build partnerships that bring together resources, expertise, and the vision to help our fellow Bahamians become viable contributors to our National economic growth. Working together to drive change.

Progress happens when dedicated people translate good intentions into concrete realities.

We look forward to aiding in the betterment of communities throughout the Bahamas
and bringing new, strong and joy sustainable businesses to our country.

What is Own

OWN is an initiative focused on offering entrepreneurial opportunities for persons who have new and exciting ideas within existing or new industries. These individuals display the desire and motivation to own, manage and operate a start-up, but may lack the support and capital to fund the business themselves. Our main goal is to assist such Bahamians with the financial support, mentorship, and business know-how while helping to remove other barriers that may prevent small start-up businesses from succeeding.

The OWN Program and Grant Fund was created to promote economic development, and was designed to support the acceleration of the Bahamian economy.


Our Priorities


Building community for entrepreneurs to connect, share and engage

Providing avenues for advocacy on the issues that matter most


Expansion of access to the stories of resilient and successful entrepreneurs and business leaders


Offer grant funding for new and existing businesses

Making advisory services available

Exposure to new potential customers