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2017 Success Story

Brinard Sweeting


“We form the creative connection between your brand and your customers.”
Mr. Brinard J. Sweeting, founded Visionary, in 2014, to establish a new and unparalleled standard in digital media and online marketing with a focus on web development.

Visionary’s unique expertise provides the following services to businesses and organizations of all sizes:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Hosting & Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Digital Branding & Marketing
  • Digital Design

The name Visionary is derived from Brinard’s experience with his clients. Whenever clients approach him or he approaches them, he always handle the project with a vision in mind, as if it were his vision and his own company. This belief motivates Brinard, in wanting to succeed just as much as the client does.

Today, Visionary is a creative, digital development group of professionally accredited and acclaimed, local & international freelance media professionals. These professionals apply insight, strategy and originality in developing effective digital solutions that grab customer attention and connect businesses and their brands with their intended audience.

Brinard’s team consists of a small group of website developers, mobile application developers, digital artists, photographers, content creators, marketing strategists & business developers.

Brinard’s goal as the president of Visionary, and as one who holds the title of an internationally accredited web development specialist, is to conceptualize and develop profitable, digitally-based solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes resulting in optimum revenue, feasibility of content management and improvement of the overall brand Identity through creative and effective communication.

The majority of Brinard’s experience as a web & mobile application developer comes from his previous and current work with local & international clients who require a web expert with steady focus to implement and provide top-notch work and effective solutions to solve their day-to-day business needs that relate to having a greater internet presence.

Brinard’s knowledge in the field extends from the awareness of current industry standards, experience as a project manager and supervisor at previous organizations. This knowledge is also informed by his fluency in semantic design patterns and proficiency in the world’s most structured programming languages.


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