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2017 Success Story

Brittney Woodside

Sinchit Teatox

Sinchit Teatox

Brittney Woodside has been an entrepreneur from high school. She started selling Arizona drinks when she notice the ‘tuck shop’ at school was limited on drinks. After administration found out about her plan, she was shut down and went to another idea…making and selling hair bows out of the school uniforms. This idea was carried out for her full 3 years in high school.

After graduating from high school in 2013, she got a job at an established retail company as a Sales Associate. It wasn’t in her plans to ever have to work for someone but like the saying says ‘You have to start from somewhere’. In July 2015, she left her job and got introduced into the weight loss industry by her sister. She then became a representative and was selling their teas and other weight loss products. It was profitable however, after receiving feedback from her customers that it wasn’t working, she discontinued selling the products. “I was in complete depression mode after receiving the comments on the products. I discontinued selling their products because I didn’t wanted to be involved in selling something that doesn’t work”. A few weeks past by and she came up with the idea to start her own tea company. Thus, Sinchit Teatox was born!

After extensive research and learning about the benefits of certain herbs and spices, Sinchit Teatox was launched in October 2015. From that day forward Sinchat Teatox has a success rate of 87% where we have customers losing between 10 – 30 pounds per month.


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