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2017 Success Story

Darren Dames

ProClean Detailing Services

I am ambitious, energetic, I love helping people, driven, disciplined, down to earth, goal oriented, patient, a team player, a creative sometimes opinionated and really honest but humble individual. I rarely ever “toot” my own horn but if a situation requires me to do so to obtain an overall goal I don’t hesitate to do so. Because of my character and personality, I know that my gifts and ambition require me to do things outside of the box and one of those things is to become an entrepreneur. After losing my job at Albany in 2013, I was in a low place. My family wasn’t the most supportive people and I was faced with two choices, get another job or start my own business. I chose both with the ultimate goal in mind being to launch out fully into business. I love serving others, I was trained in customer service and it’s something that I thoroughly enjoy. I created this unique business, ProClean Detailing Services, which is an aircraft detailing company, because I wanted to give all flight passengers a first class experience through my cleaning service. Not only that, I also designed this company out of my passion to create opportunities for young Bahamians in industries that are lacking. I want them to realize their goals and aspirations in the aviation industry. I also want to be able to create job opportunities for persons in the Northern Bahama Islands. This is why starting ProClean Detailing Services is so important to me. At age 25 now, I truly believe that some people need someone to pave a way for them to help them to realize that they too can do the impossible, the unthinkable, and push to achieve their version of success.


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