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2016 Success Story

Kody Conyers

Bahamian Modern Artist

Kody Conyers was born on July 19th, 1998 in Nassau, Bahamas. He was the second child of Anna Keisha Scott and Vaughn Conyers. As a child, Kody found immense pleasure for art as all of his textbooks were filled with drawings. Entering C. R. Walker high school, art became a mandatory decision due to his love for it. This activity soon out bloomed into a passionate hobby, as the interest for fine art grew heavily.

Throughout the years, Kody had joined many art competitions on the art department’s recommendation such as Central Bank, Cyber Bullying, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc. If not winning every competition joined he had placed 2nd-3rd. Kody was named the best in art and in recommendation for every artistic project the school offered. Graduating from C.R Walker Senior high school in 2015 as a school’s prefect and the Art Club’s President, Kody achieved his high school diploma.

In addition, Kody was awarded for every art -related award there was, in full count of 7 awards. These include The Mervin Wilson Memorial (2), Graphic Design, Fine Art, Art History, Craft, and Most Outstanding in Art & Craft. To round off all of the rewards, due to hard work and determination, Kody was the awardee for the best result in the B.G.C.S.E (Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education) art and craft combined.

Being an admirer for art, Kody love spending time using his skills to take his art to another level at his very young age. He has experimented with mediums, such as acrylics, Crayola/prisma color pencils, pastels, charcoal, HB pencils etc., but painting and coloring tends to be his most preferred. Due to Kody’s experiment, also the encouragement of his mother Anna Keisha Scott, followed by his art mentors Mrs. Christine Ashe, Mrs. Sherree Sterling and Ms. Joanne Turnquest, Kody has revealed his God given gift.

Kody is primarily a young aspiring artist who is home-based, believing to travel the world for his art having them recognized/displayed locally and internationally representing the Bahamas with pride.


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