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2017 Success Story

Michael Sands

Vida Cayo

Michael is a Banker by profession with a background in accounting and finance. He recently took the leap into entrepreneurship with the launch of his business, Vida Cayo Ltd., a beachwear and accessories brand. This path to entrepreneurship was guided by his desire to create and to push the limits of what he believes he is capable of doing.

The idea for Vida Cayo came from Michael’s realization that The Bahamas, which has thrived on sun, sand, and sea, has no locally owned and operated brand with a significant footprint in the beachwear and accessories retail market. He built the brand on the belief that the Bahamian culture offers inspiration which can lead to exciting ideas that, if executed, will showcase the broad appeal of The Bahamas. Michael seeks to offer unique, quality products inspired by cultural and historic elements at affordable prices. In so doing, he intends to create products that foster an emotional connection for locals and offer functional souvenirs for visitors.

The Brand’s initial product line, flip-flops, are now on the market. The designs for this line are the Bahamian $10, $20, $50, and $100 currency notes which are located on the surface of the flip-flop soles. These designs are protected by a no-slip, textured coating designed to mimic the shimmer of the clear blue waters of The Bahamas when struck by sunshine. As added features, the straps display the Bahamian flag, the soles are embossed with the Brand’s name and tag line, and the tag for each pair provides the historic significance of each design subject to The Bahamas. Although, only the $10 and $20 designs are available for sale currently, Michael intends to launch the $50 and $100 note designs in the near term with other designs and product lines to be phased in over time.

Michael’s short term goal for Vida Cayo is have the Brand carried locally in major retail store and resorts. The medium term goal is to create and fulfill cross-border demand for the Brand’s products. Over the long term, Michael hopes to develop and expand Vida Cayo such that it becomes the primary beachwear and accessories brand of The Bahamas.


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