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Kevin O’Leary and Ray Lewis POSTPONED

2015 Success Story

Shacqueel Coleby


Pulpy is a producer, and seller of a delicious gourmet frozen fruit snack. The Pulpy product is a delicious cup of all-natural frozen fruit, fruit nectar, and tropical flavors created to encapsulate the luxuries, ambiance and taste of the Bahamas. The sweet, fresh, and natural ingredients are all sourced locally in the Bahamas and offer a superior quality sure to entice both health conscious and foodie markets. The OWN grant will provide much needed funding and mentorship to help jumpstart production and create market value for such a delicacy.


Terms and Conditions: We reserve the right to use any/all information submitted for PR purposes to enhance future growth of the Foundation. We reserve the right to revoke a grant if the information submitted is fraudulent in nature. The selection committee decisions are final. Submissions do not guaranteed approval.