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2015 Success Story

Theo McClain, Kenwood Burrows, and Bernice McClain

Prickle Air Fresheners

Prickle Air Fresheners are fresh scented paper fragrances that are adorned with creative artworks, which embody Bahamian art and culture. The idea was inspired by a survey that was conducted showing that 1 in every 5 cars had an imported air freshener of some type. With this simple discovery, the prickle group set off to create fresheners with unique shapes and imagery synonymous with Bahamian traditions. The fresheners are sure to capture the attention of a large and diverse target market. The OWN grant would allow this start-up to advance its production capabilities beyond home fashioned trinkets and into mass production and manufacturing of unique printable fresheners with distinct island scents. Prickle’s ability to manufacture it’s own products would give them the opportunity to customize the product line and attract large purchasing clientele such as corporate sponsors for custom branded air fresheners.


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